Slow Beer at the Irish Heather

Join us for the Slow Beer and Spot Prawn Boil!
Thursday, May 2, 6:30 PM

at the Irish Heather in Gastown.

We’re pouring three (or more… surprise!) different beers, all paired with Chef Alvin’s seasonal food.

Please come join us as we celebrate “Slow Fish” and the art of craft beer. The evening will begin with a mingle in the Shebeen along with a few words from Slow Food Vancouver, Crannóg Ales and Organic Ocean. Then, guests will make their way to the long table to roll up their sleeves, sit down, share and enjoy with fellow foodies a good old fashion prawn boil prepared with local ingredients by Chef Alvin. BC Spot Prawns are one of the most exciting delicacies to come from our oceans, and are an Ocean Wise approved seafood. In the interior, of course, we never get these – so we’re very excited! The Spot Prawn season is quite short, so make the most of this very seasonal opportunity.

We are pleased also to be back with our friends at the Irish Heather – one of the beers will be our famous and delicious potato ale, which used to be a feature at the Heather. Come see how our beers adapt to the new environment!

There will also be some free giveaways for a few lucky guests… and all proceeds go Slow Food Vancouver for the Terra Madre 2012 fund. Crannóg Ales is planning to be part of the delegation to the 2012 event, please come out and send Canadian beer to Italy.

Call the Irish Heather for tickets: 604-688-9779.

$50 includes beers, meal, tax & gratuity.

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